There is a global insurrection against bankster occupation spreading like wildfire worldwide. The global economy is contracting, causing uprisings in Greece, Ireland, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and spreading to many other countries. In the realm of global finance, it is also causing computer-trading warfare to break out. The world’s economy is transitioning from a positive sum game of fiat madness to a negative sum game of peak credit, peak oil, peak silver, and peak ‘everything’ useful and real. The paper shell game is coming to an end, and the world’s billionaires are scrambling to position themselves — armed with ever more powerful armies of computer algorithmic trading robots committing high-frequency trading fraud. This will only serve to increase volatility in global markets. We can expect to see more riots in the streets, and more financial bloodshed on Wall Street and Main Street.

So what should you be doing to prepare for this global economic meltdown? For starters, you had better have enough food in your house right NOW to feed your family for at least two weeks. You never know when circumstances unforeseen may make it impossible for you to replenish your grocery supply. But beyond that, every family should be putting serious effort into preparing a rotating stockpile of several months worth of non-perishable food and drinking water. You should also have adequate emergency supplies (flashlights, survival gear, first aid, etc) and a plan of what to do in a crisis.

You also should be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your supplies. I believe responsible families in America should own a gun and know how to use it to defend themselves if they had to, along with enough ammo to feed it. While I think no gun safe is complete without at least one rifle, shotgun and pistol, you should find at least one quality gun you are comfortable with and can afford. You should buy a lot more ammunition than you think you need – if stored properly it will outlast you, and it will never be worth nothing. In fact it can be a valuable bartering tool.

So you’ve got 6 months worth of food and water, guns, ammo and survival gear. What now? Well, as the global paper shell game collapses, people are rejecting the financial terrorist banskters weapon of choice — fiat paper currency madness. The world is returning to hard, honest, real money — gold and silver. And don’t settle for the banksters’ paper ETF substitute. You should be buying physical gold and silver bullion coins, and hiding them away in a safe place and telling nobody about it. Gold and silver have risen in value for a decade, but we are only in the beginning of this bull run in precious metals. As the economic apocalypse approaches, the people of the world are rejecting the worthless paper backed by empty promises and a lifetime of debt slavery forced onto them by their tyrannical governments and the criminal banksters they are partnered with.

The global insurrection is spreading quickly. If you do not want to get wiped out by the financial terrorists, then your plan of action is clear – food, guns, gold, and silver.

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