Welcome to the Silver Liberation Army

We are the Silver Liberation Army, and we are coming for the financial terrorists. Join the global insurrection against banker occupation today.

The Silver Liberation Army has launched its assault on the criminal banking cartel that controls the global economy.

Anyone can join the Silver Liberation Army – we are taking peaceful action against the corporate occupation that has stolen your wealth.  Our weapon of choice is silver, and it is the Achilles heel of the bankster.

We must rise up and stand together united against their fiat money.  We must no longer tolerate the printing of currencies into oblivion.

The Silver Liberation Army is collectively taking millions of ounces of silver off the market, driving up silver prices as supplies dry up world-wide.  Together, our actions achieve greatness that no one of us could achieve alone.   This is is Second American Revolution, but our silver bullets are not fired from rifles.  Nevertheless, they pierce the heart of the enemy, using his leverage against him to unravel his derivative paper nonsense and transfer his wealth to the people.

This will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Silver Liberation Army members will be the industrial and financial powerhouses of tomorrow.  Are you willing to bet the future of your grandchildren, and their grandchildren, on the worthless paper being shuffled around by the quadrillions in the shell game that is the global economy? Or perhaps would it be wiser to take some of the precious few ounces of an invaluable metal that are left on this Earth out of the hands of the banks and into your family’s possession. This could be the greatest financial decision you’ve ever made, and will help prepare your family for the global collapse of fiat currencies.

Buy physical silver today, tomorrow, and every day you can.  We must collectively send a message to the financial terrorists.  They may have the printing presses on their side, but we the people collectively have the power to decide what is money.  The Silver Liberation Army is growing every day. We will continue to trade our paper for silver, even as the supply dwindles and the price continues to rise. The war chest  backing our global insurrection is growing.  We have history on our side, as every fiat currency has eventually failed, while real money – gold and silver – simply never will.

The Silver Liberation Army is a state of mind.  All you have to do to join is buy one silver coin and take physical possession.  Every ounce you buy destroys 100 ounces worth of wealth from the banksters balance sheets thanks to their criminal manipulation.  It is time to turn the tables on the banks.  Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver!

Prepare yourself, because the shit is about to hit the fan. Most Americans will be left holding their fiat currency and their Big Macs and wonder what the hell happened to their country.

Buy some cheap Silver Eagles while you still can. You have been warned.


2011 American Silver Eagle 1 oz coin front obverse2011 American Silver Eagle 1 oz coin back obverse



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Ben Bernanke is a Criminal

Bernanke Burns DollarsBen Bernanke’s policies have done nothing but funnel trillions of dollars into the hands of Wall Street banksters, while inflation is screwing Main Street America.

Global commodity prices have soared thanks to the influx of paper Bernanke is printing. Rising food prices are causing uprising and revolutions across the Middle East. These “rebels” and “revolutionaries” have simply reached a point where their fear of reprisal by their tyrannical dictators has been overcome by fear of starvation thanks to Bernanke’s quantitative easing. This inflation of the monetary supply is leading to countries across the world (notably China and Russia) to abandon the US dollar as the medium of trade, effectively removing the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

Americans are flooding to gold and silver to protect their wealth, even as they are being labeled terrorists by their government for shunning Bernanke’s counterfeit paper notes that are backed by nothing but empty promises, and taxpayer funded smart bombs.

Bernanke Give the FingerBernanke and the private Federal Reserve banks are literally stealing the wealth of this county as they tax the citizens to the hilt to pay interest on their phony money, while his bankster buddies and terrorist dictators were bailed out by the US taxpayer. They should have been allowed to collapse for the fraud they perpetrated on the American people.


Bernanke Criminal Indictment

Who's got the handcuffs?

‘The Bernank’ should be arrested and tried as a traitor. Why do you think he is resisting an audit of the Feds so intensely? He is giving billions of dollars to foreign countries that can never possibly be paid back.

This crook thinks the entire country is nothing but a bunch of uneducated sheep without the means or intelligence to interfere with his traitorous agenda. Mr. Bernanke, think again! The Silver Liberation Army knows your crooked tactics and they are determined to bring your corrupt regime to its knees. Let the criminal indictments begin!


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Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver

Every ounce of silver you take off the open market removes its ability to be maliciously over-leveraged and routinely manipulated via paper trading vehicles.

You are helping the Silver Liberation Army shrink the silver supply and increase the price when you buy and hold.

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CFTC – A division of JPMorgan

Commodity Futures Trading Commission - A Division of JPMorgan


CFTC Silver Appreciation Medallion


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$500 Silver – If You Want It

$500 Silver - If You Want It

Crash JP Morgan with $500 Silver

Blythe Master's Silver Vibrator

Blythe Master's $500 Silver Vibrator - http://Silver500.org




Silver Liberation Army - Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver

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Banker Problems?


sokkomb guillotine

Federal Reserve Got You Down?

SOKKOMB is made from the best solid pine and comes equipped with a sturdy blade in stainless steel. It is light and versatile and is guaranteed effective for up to 100 executions a day!

Noose for Banksters

Nevermind the Lawyers - Let's Start with the BankersBanksters - Guillotine Chic is comingBernanke Guillotine

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